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This webpage represents the international forum on Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory (SCDNT) developed by Dorothea E. Orem.
The business of IOS is the production and distribution of knowledge related to SCDNT. We offer a platform to meet with colleagues from around the world. Explore the possibilities to use Orem's and work developed by others based on SCDNT for your professional carreer.
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Orem Archive at Johns Hopkins

The Orem Archive is now live on the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives at Johns Hopkins University Medical Institutions website.

Please visit our website to search D.E. Orem Collection, J. Backscheider Collection and M. Orem Collection online.


Self-Care, Dependent Care & Nursing

is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original manuscripts focusing on SCDNT development and theory-based practice.

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Current issue Vol 20, No. 1, Spring 2013 (Download PDF file 3,4 MB)